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About Regency Commercial

Rajeev Chennattu formed Regency Commercial Real Estate 30 years ago with a simple goal: to provide his clients with expert guidance, resources and insights to help them make sound and informed investment decisions. They treat every client with the same level of respect and attention.

Fast forward to today and his stellar reputation for helping savvy investors build their wealth and manage their portfolios with confidence is proof that he got it right. Every Regency Commercial client knows and understands they are working with the Local Commercial Real Estate Authority.

What We Offer

Expert Guidance and Knowledge


At Regency, they provide their clients with expert, insightful guidance, a wealth of resources, and a service based on the highest integrity. They help take the emotion out of the equation, so you make smart and sound decisions.

Information. Information. Information.


One of the most valuable resources Regency provides its clients is expert, accurate and diligent research and data. At Regency, they are fanatics about this.

Integrity. It’s Our Litmus Test.


What’s best for Regency clients? Every communication outward to their clients, every piece of advice, every consultation is based on “what’s in the client’s best interest!”

News. Information. Insights

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