Regency Commercial Real Estate Understands their work is more than buildings, rentals, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, it’s about people and always delivering optimum results.

Rajeev and his team have built a stellar reputation by focusing on their clients’ goals, vision, desires and financial well-being first and foremost. “It’s people first, buildings, transactions and investment properties second,” explains Rajeev. 

Read how this philosophy manifests itself for yourself. Here are some satisfied clients’ testimonials:

Our Client’ Opinion

 “Rajeev (Reggie) Chennattu, Principal Broker, Regency Commercial Realtors, the person responsible for presenting the idea of a joint venture to Rodriguez; and SVP of Finance at First Student. Rajeev introduced us to First Student and strategically helped facilitate the joint venture with First Student to orchestrate the entire deal.”


Harry Rodriguez

"My family owned the Archway Shopping Center on Central Avenue, a property we owned for 60 years. We were not thinking of selling as we still had several more years on the lease and were concerned, we would not get good value because of that. Luckily, Rajeev approached me with a potential buyer and explained how it would work to my family's advantage to sell now. I have been a residential real estate broker for 34 years, so I am not a novice about how the business works. Ultimately, Rajeev brought us two possible buyers. Because I was handling this for my family, I was especially cautious. I did speak to the commercial branch of the company I work for who brought me another potential buyer independent of Rajeev. This buyer's highest offer was within the ballpark but a bit lower than the best offer Rajeev brought us which assured me that Rajeev really knew what he was doing and was working diligently on our behalf. Ultimately, we went with Rajeev's client and did very well on the sale of our property.

I cannot say enough about how professional and honest I found Rajeev to be. He stayed on top of all aspects of the transaction, provided answers to my questions promptly, and even though he was representing both sides of the transaction, I never doubted his integrity and fairness."

Diane Weber Fuller

"Thank you again so much for the great job you did selling the Old Army Rd. property & the Brook St. property!!"


Bill and Judy Bock