Regency Commercial Stands for Expert Guidance and Knowledge, Information & Integrity.

What Regency Commercial Stands For

Expert guidance

Expert Guidance & Knowledge

At Regency, no matter the prevailing conditions, they provide their clients with expert, insightful guidance and a wealth of resources. This is a reassuring asset to have on your side. They help take the emotion out of the equation, and point you in the right direction to make smart and sound decisions.

We can help with your property search

Information. Information. Information.

One of the most valuable resources Regency provides its clients is expert, accurate and diligent research and data. At Regency, they are fanatics about making sure their clients are prepared and informed every step of the way.


Integrity. It’s Our Litmus Test.

What’s best for Regency clients? Every communication outward to their clients, every piece of advice, every consultation is based on “what’s in the client’s best interest!”

How Can Regency Be of Service to You?

Regency Commercial is a full service commercial real estate brokerage. If you are ready to cash out and sell your investment property, add to your income property portfolio, or you want to facilitate a 1031 Tax Exchange, the professionals at Regency can help you successfully achieve your investment goals. Whether retail, office space, medical, multi-unit dwellings, manufacturing or land, Regency Commercial is your go-to resource for all your commercial real estate needs.

Commercial Property

Cash Out: List Your Property for Sale

Ready to cash out? Regency Commercial can help. They have an extensive list of potential investors looking for a property just like yours. They make the process easy, safe and successful.

Find Property

Find a Property, Add to Your Portfolio

Regency Commercial can help you find the perfect addition to your property portfolio to best match your longterm investment goals. If you are looking to get started in commercial real estate investment, they can walk you through the process and help you get up and running.

1031 Exchange

Facilitate a 1031 Exchange

Looking to conduct a 1031 Exchange? Regency can help you expertly and confidently navigate the process. Rajeev has expertise in this field and can help you arrange an orderly, not rushed and successful 1031 Exchange on your property.

What Clients Are Saying

Customer satisfaction is everything to the professionals at Regency Commercial Realty. Our entire service focus is highly client-centric, and we do everything we can to deliver for our clients.

“Rajeev introduced us to First Student and strategically helped facilitate the joint venture with First Student to orchestrate the entire deal.”

Harry Rodriguez

“I cannot say enough about how professional and honest I found Rajeev to be. He stayed on top of all aspects of the transaction, provided answers to my questions promptly, and even though he was representing both sides of the transaction, I never doubted his integrity and fairness.”

Diane Weber Fuller

“Thank you again so much for the great job you did selling the Old Army Rd. property & the Brook St. property!!”

Billy and Judy Bock

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