About Teena Arun

You just know from the first handshake when you meet her that Teena Arun is someone you can count on. You get a sense of confidence that if she gives you her word, you can consider it done. This quality is just one of the reasons she is a critical component of the successful Regency Commercial Realty brokerage.

Teena, who is an Associate Broker, serves Regency’s clientele by investing time in compiling research on each of the property types (multi-family, retail, mix use) and she devises tools that provide greater understanding and insightful analysis of that research and data for her appreciative commercial real estate investors. “I think it’s precisely knowing how to parse that data that is key to our ongoing success at Regency—and the success of our clients,” she adds.

Teena views her role as generating and creating value for Regency clients by always being a GO TO person under any circumstances. Clients know they can count on her. That involves being a good listener, being patient and focused, and always providing custom, tailored and hands on service. For this dedicated and valuable team member at Regency Commercial, being honest, disciplined and flexible are key attributes she draws upon daily in her role as Associate Broker.

When Teena isn’t working hard for her clients, she enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and watching an occasional movie. This dynamic business woman loves to stay active and gets her adrenaline going by walking, but what always gets her adrenaline going most is putting her energy to work for Regency clients.

Rajeev Chennattu


Teena Arun

Associate Broker