We Are Your Strategic Partners

Rajeev’s vision for Regency was to always be first and foremost a client-centric company. “Protect and take care of your clients, and the rest will follow,” Rajeev explains.

Why Choose Regency

Client-Centric Focus

Regency Commercial knows that if they focus on their clients’ best interests and success, the company’s success will follow.

Experts Working for You

The Regency team is comprised of the most dedicated and committed people, smart, insightful and focused on your success.

Expert Guidance

Rajeev’s vision for his company is based on tenaciously researching and gathering knowledge to best serve you, their clients.

Forward Thinking

At Regency, we are on the cutting edge of technology and ideas, and they make sure their clients benefit from that technology.

Our Mission

The guiding force behind Regency Commercial Real Estate is “Do What is Right for the Client…ALWAYS.” Everything they do is focused on your best interests. They subscribe to the belief that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That’s how Regency became, and remains, The Local Commercial Real Estate Authority.

Rajeev and Teena

The Regency Commercial Story

Regency Commercial Real Estate is the result of Rajeev Chennattu’s vision of the ideal commercial brokerage. It is a vision of a responsive and insightful brokerage that local investors could completely trust and rely on to help them build their portfolios and manage their investments.

The genesis of Regency Commercial began 20 years ago in 2000. Rajeev had created a thriving residential brokerage, and more and more of his extremely satisfied clients began asking him to help them with their commercial real estate needs. Won over by the care, expertise and attention Rajeev gave them with their residential needs, his clients increasingly turned over their commercial needs to him.

Thus, in early 2000, Regency Commercial was created, and its growth has been steady and solid over the past two decades. Key to that success has been the unwavering commitment to the same ideals that won over his original clientele: careful attention to all the details of the transaction, a drive to provide excellent resources, insights, research and accurate data for his clientele. It was built on a fervent focus on quality over quantity.

But perhaps what Regency clients and investors value most about the brokerage’s approach is its custom, tailored solutions and service to each individual investor’s unique situation. Never treated as a number or another transaction, Regency clients feel like the brokerage is deeply concerned with their investment goals, and is there for them by their side every step of the way. The powerful combination of expertise and a caring, client-centric approach has been a winning philosophy. Rajeev’s company has succeeded because he has raised its stature and cultivated a reputation as the Local Commercial Real Estate Authority—but that expertise is backed with heart.

More and more investors are placing their trust in Rajeev’s respected cutting-edge brokerage, and they are doing so with complete confidence. Rajeev and his stellar team understand that your investment property goals and your portfolio are the building blocks of your prosperity and your financial future. That’s why they work so hard for you.

Who you partner up with is critical in maximizing your commercial real estate investment decisions. Whether you are looking to do a 1031 Exchange, relocate your holdings or meet an immediate relocation or expansion need, trust your important investment goals and decisions to the Local Commercial Real Estate Authority and his innovative and respected company, Regency Commercial Real Estate.