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Perspective. It’s perhaps the most important asset when it comes to making your commercial real estate investment decisions. You need to be able to see from all angles — spotting hidden opportunities, identifying potential pitfalls, forecasting the future — you almost have to be able to see around corners. And just seeing the playing field is not enough, you have to sift through all the data and find the important nuances to make sound decisions.

Meet Rajeev Chennattu, the founder of Regency Commercial Real Estate. His passion is helping investors like yourself see that playing field and then sift, sort and evaluate all the data and research and enabling them to make solid, sound investment decisions.

With his over 30 years of industry experience, he is arguably the commercial real estate investor’s best friend — and he can give you exactly that perspective you need. Rajeev is recognized as the Local Commercial Real Estate Authority, and he brings decades of experience, knowledge and insights to the table. He understands not only the nuances of the market, but he is highly attuned to the nuances of the deal, the contracts, negotiation process, dealing with the psychology of personalities. He is extremely adept at the careful structuring of your entire transaction.

His ability to see the transaction from all sides is similar to playing 3D chess, on multiple levels. With that perspective, Rajeev can see 3, 4 and 5 moves ahead, where others are seemingly merely playing checkers, seeing only one or two moves in front of them.

Key to Rajeev’s keen perspective is his unique journey to attain The American Dream, culminating in the founding of Regency Commercial Real Estate. You see, Rajeev was born on a farm in a tiny village in India. Indoor plumbing was unheard of. Television was out of the question. In fact, it had very few of the modern amenities most Americans take for granted on a daily basis. But he had Dreams of the opportunities available in America.

At the age of 17, Rajeev moved to New York City. He applied and was accepted at Iona College. He worked odd jobs and attended school full-time, maintaining a strict focus toward his degree in Finance. And after four long years of arduous work, it finally happened — his dream came true. After graduating from college, Rajeev landed a job with IBM. His first real job, with one of the world’s largest corporations, no less. But something happened along his climb up the corporate ladder. He discovered that his dreams and his continued drive didn’t quite fit in the sometimes restrictive corporate world.

Following his gut and his heart, Rajeev took a leap of faith and left the corporate environment and opened up his own business, Regency Commercial Real Estate. Combining his driven work ethic with his ability to relate to his clients’ own unique dreams and investment aspirations, Rajeev established himself as one of Lower Westchester County’s leading real estate professionals. He quickly became the respected authority that more and more investors and commercial property owners came to trust their important investment goals and dreams with, and his company grew—driven by his vision of how commercial real estate property investors should be treated.

Your investment property goals and aspirations are vitally important to you and your financial future. Rajeev never loses sight of that and works hard to provide you with the guidance, vision and insights to make the best decisions you can. Trust your important investment decisions to the Local Commercial Real Estate Authority and his innovative and respected company, Regency Commercial Real Estate. After all, Rajeev pursued his dreams with passion, fortitude and commitment. He and the professionals at Regency Commercial Real Estate will bring those same attributes to your commercial real estate investment needs.

Rajeev Chennatu
Rajeev Chennattu

Rajeev Chennattu


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