1031 Exchanges

If you need to do a 1031 Exchange, Regency Commercial is your authority.

Regency Commercial Real Estate brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of 1031 Exchanges. they take a different approach in this area with their proactive client support and guidance.

When you work with Regency, they counsel and advise their clients on an ongoing basis. Rajeev has instilled in Regency his vision for commercial real estate service, which is all about anticipating needs, preparing for potential opportunities and getting clients ahead of the curve.

• Using a consultative, ongoing service approach, Rajeev and his team stay in touch, and help you peer into the future and anticipate needs rather than wait for them to arise.

• Regency Commercial has an extensive network and database of investors and potential buyers looking for properties and investment opportunities like yours.

• Using their “consultative” approach to service, Regency Commercial helps you avoid the “squeeze” of having a short, arbitrary window to make your 1031 Exchange transaction happen. This allows you to make better, more informed decisions and investment moves. Rajeev and his team work with you to help you make smooth, measured and streamlined 1031 Exchanges.

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