Savvy Commercial Real Estate Investing

Expert Advice on How to Successfully Navigate Turbulence to Drive Powerful Portfolios and Profit

Leading Real Estate Investor, Builder and Trends Analyst Available For Media Interviews

WHAT: Soaring mortgage rates have hit a 16-year high and commercial interest rates are skyrocketing. The culprits? Inflation, recession fears and the powerful risks of the unknown. But savvy investors and real estate brokers aren’t on the sidelines ducking for cover. They’re using their battle-tested experience and expertise to parse out value. They know what segments of commercial real estate are attractive now and will star moving forward, the pitfalls to avoid and the balance needed to achieve a smart, power-laden portfolio. In short, when economic headwinds blast in, these investors strategize shrewd moves that pay off in the short and long term. Today, they’re already positioning their clients to capitalize on commercial real estate investment in 2023 and beyond by putting their money where their mouth is and investing opportunistically. They do so by analyzing data and societal trends, inflation’s outlook on construction and rental prices and other key performance indicators.

WHO: Rajeev Chennattu, founder and owner of Regency Commercial Real Estate, has been a leading real estate investment adviser and broker for 35 years. He’s a multi-dimensional entrepreneur and deal maker who has successfully surfed all economic climates. He does so by specializing in creating and diversifying real estate portfolios, whether through acquisition or realigning holdings. His ability to anticipate trends, analyze market needs and identify opportunity are why he routinely seals complex deals and continues to successfully serve clients in numerous sectors. Plus, his success has been earned in Westchester County, N.Y., home to some of the most competitive, valuable and expensive real estate turf in the nation. But Chennattu also prizes that the art of his deals is anchored in a clear value proposition: a collaborative personal touch that cultivates long-term, profitable and successful client relationships.

WHY: Chennattu is available for media interviews on real estate data and market analysis, financing, income properties, industrial real estate, multi-family rental housing, land use, navigating municipal and regulatory approvals and more. His authoritative perspective and fact-based analysis also can be tapped to comment on news, trends and issues stories. Learn about Regency Commercial Real Estate and Chennattu’s previous deals at